We pinpoint the most amazing qualities in brands and people to make them the brightest stars in their sectors. For our clients, we build rewarding reputations by deploying an assortment of creative skills, as well as bleeding edge technical tools. Our strategy, therefore, includes the optimisation of sophisticated multi-platform assets for transmedia storytelling.

Our founder, Sam Adeoye, has built a reputation as a star maker with a tried and tested method for the unearthing of distinctive value in brands and people. This unique worth, once discovered, is then translated into fascinating benefits for key audiences around the world.

In the course of the past 20 years, Sam Adeoye’s insightful and strategic storytelling has utilised tools from journalism, public relations, and advertising. With it, he has built deep connections and helped to deliver profits for homegrown and global corporations such as Virgin Atlantic, Visafone, Airtel, Coca-Cola,

Facebook, Glo, InterSwitch, Netflix, the Lagos State Government, the Clean Cooking Alliance, Roche, Samsung, Jobberman, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and Diageo.

Since 2020, the Sam Adeoye Media team has advised and executed positioning campaigns for founders and CEOs of million-dollar companies.

Beyond these reputation-boosting duties, the company has delivered branding, media relations, media strategy, creative designs, and brand asset production for clients from diverse sections of the Nigerian economy.

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